Meta shares Emoji trends in Morocco

To celebrate World Emoji Day and the recent implementation of reactions on WhatsApp announced by Mark Zuckerberg, Meta shares some information on how Moroccans use emojis on other apps, Facebook and Instagram.

This analysis shows that the most popular sports emoji on Instagram biographies in Morocco: ⚽️ (soccer ball), as well as other popular sports emojis that are used in Facebook posts in Morocco: 🏀, 🥊 , 🏋️,🥋.

The most popular food and drink emojis used in Facebook and Instagram posts and comments in Morocco are: 🍯, 🎂,🍓, 🍒, 🍫.

In addition, among the most popular emojis recently released (version 14.0) on Facebook that are used by Moroccans (and their meanings according to the Emojipedia), we find:

– Face Holding Back Tears on Facebook A yellow face with tears welling up in its two large eyes. Can be used to express a variety of emotions including sadness, anger, embarrassment, admiration and gratitude.

Face Holding Back Tears on Facebook Heart Hands on Facebook Two hands forming a heart. Used to express love and support.

Heart Hands on Facebook Melting Face on Facebook A yellow smiley that melts in a puddle. The eyes and mouth melt into the face, while maintaining a distorted smile. This detail gives this emoji a sarcastic character.

Melting Face on Facebook Face with Peeking Eye on Facebook A yellow face with hands covering eyes and eyebrows raised.

Face with Peeking Eye on Facebook A googly eye is visible through the fingers. Can be used to express the duality between wanting to look away from something because it’s scary, disgusting, or embarrassing, and not being able to.

Greeting Face on Facebook 14.0 Saluting Face on Facebook 14.0 A yellow face with right hand saluting. Used as a sign of respect.



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