Messi will play his last match on Saturday at the Parc des Princes

Messi will play his last match on Saturday at the Parc des Princes

The Argentine star of Paris Saint-Germain (PSG), Lionel Messi, at the end of his contract with the club of the capital, will play his last match at the Parc des Princes on Saturday against Clermont for the account of the 38th and last day of Ligue 1 , announced Thursday, his trainer, Christophe Galtier.

Saturday “will be his last match at the Parc des Princes. I dare to hope that he will be welcomed there in the best possible way”, declared Galtier in a pre-match press conference, while the player has been under fire from critics since his arrival in Paris because of his performances. which do not meet the expectations of the club’s supporters.

This year, the “pulga” was an “important element” in the team, “always available and always present in the training sessions”, justified the Parisian coach.

He considered that the “remarks and criticisms” aimed at the performance of the Argentine player are “not at all justified”, because, he specified, Messi is the author of 21 goals and 22 assists during this season, where PSG are again champions for the 11th time in their history.

“He was always at the service of the team, the game and the animation, he was the passer and the finisher. For me as a coach, it was for a privilege, not to train him, but to accompany him throughout the season”, said Galtier, without giving details on his future or that of the star. Argentina.

“I had the privilege of managing the best player in the history of football,” he said.


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