Mellouia estuary clean-up campaign

Mellouia estuary clean-up campaign

Plastic pollution has become an ever-increasing global phenomenon, threatening life on land, in the depths of the seas and oceans, as well as in rivers and wetlands. Thus, the United Nations Environment Program aims to encourage Member States to adopt positions and measures binding on all in order to reduce this phenomenon.

In this context, several meetings were held, with the participation of 175 countries, and resolution 5/14 was adopted to end plastic pollution. These negotiations were recently continued at UNESCO headquarters in Paris to develop a binding law for all countries regarding plastic pollution.

In order to raise awareness of the magnitude of plastic pollution at all levels, international, national, regional and local, the United Nations has called for the celebration of World Environment Day this year under the theme “ It’s time to fight plastic pollution“.

In order to achieve this objective of environmental awareness among citizens, businesses, administrative and elected institutions, and to raise awareness of the danger that plastic pollution represents for the planet and the future of humanity, several civic organizations and environmental associations organized a voluntary campaign to clean up the Mellouia estuary on Sunday June 4, starting at 10 a.m., in El Halk on the left bank of the estuary, the president said in a press release. of the Space of Solidarity and Cooperation of the Oriental Mohamed Benata.

Several member associations of the Environmental Coalition of Northern Morocco participated in this voluntary campaign, in particular the Espace de Solidarité et de Coopération de l’Oriental, the Mellouia Association for the Environment and Development, as well as civil associations from East, such as the Red Beach Association, the Al Jawhara Association in Ras El Ma, the Friends of the Forest Association in Sidi Maafa and the Shabab Al-Khair Association in Oujda.

The Moroccan Association of Railway Pensioners in Nador also participated, as well as a member of its office, through the Commission for Equality and Equity of Opportunities in the Oriental region. This voluntary campaign was carried out with the help of the Municipal Council of Ras El Ma and the cleaning company SWS ANKAD.


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