Mehdi Bensaid ends his tour in the Oriental at Berkane

The Minister of Youth, Culture and Communication, Mohamed Mehdi Bensaïd, ended his five-day visit to the Oriental region on Monday, February 14, during which he visited the provinces of region.

At the headquarters of the prefecture of Berkane, the Minister of Culture, Mehdi Bensaid participated in the launching ceremony of a project to safeguard and enhance the tangible and intangible heritage in the Oriental region, in the presence of the Wali, Mouad El Jamai, the president of the region, Abdenbi Bioui, the provincial workers as well as the representative of UNESCO in Morocco, Karim Hendili.

After the ceremony, Mehdi Bensaïd went to the camel cave, in the Tafogalt region affiliated with the province of Berkane. During this visit, the Minister underlined the need to speed up the work demonstrated by this important site in order to be a tourist destination par excellence for Moroccan citizens and foreign tourists and an economic outlet for the region.



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