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Meeting in Essaouira to prepare the beaches before the arrival of vacationers

The provincial beach management committee in Essaouira met to discuss the upgrading of beach areas and the improvement of the quality of services provided to holidaymakers.

The meeting was chaired by the governor of the province, Mr. Adil El Maliki, who underlined the specificities of the beaches in the province of Essaouira and the need for concerted efforts by all stakeholders to ensure all the optimal conditions for the success of the summer season and the proper management of the beaches.

This preparation for the summer season is part of the actions dedicated to the “clean beaches” operation for the 2022 summer season and the beach management program by the municipalities, in particular the development of plans use and management of beaches.

Adil El Maliki also recalled the obligation to mobilize all means in order to guarantee better management of the beaches, to improve the services rendered at the level of these spaces which know the influx of a large number of summer visitors, to ensure citizens’ access to beaches in a healthy and clean climate and to limit the random and irrational exploitation of unstructured activities.

The governor also invited the competent parties to ensure the strengthening of communication through the development of beaches, the establishment of signage, the protection of summer visitors and the preservation of the cleanliness of the places.




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