Mediterranean Games in Oran: Chronicle of an announced fiasco

The 19th edition of the Mediterranean Games, organized in Oran in Algeria, even before its opening, promises not to say smells of the Fiasco so much the event before it even takes place, worries the authorities in the East of Eden, disturbed in this by several more or less serious incidents.

For the 19th edition of these Mediterranean Games (the first of their kind to be organized in Algeria), which is being held in the second city of the country, it is clear that things are off to a bad start, but really very badly due to a multitude of incidents that meet the participants of this Mediterranean event which will take place from June 25th to July 5th.

Quacks, which we imagine, torment the spirits at the highest or rather the oldest, and make feverish, the president with the unpronounceable name and the corporals of the junta of Algiers.

It is that the power to the East of Eden is betting enormously on this sporting event, to restore, or rather to make an image, well soiled moreover by a succession of politico-diplomatico-economico-sporting setbacks having followed at the start, the Hirak uprising in February 2019. In the basket and in the last part, it will be a question of feeding an inconsolable youth since the elimination of the Fennecs, who unfortunately and despite the talented players who make up the Algerian national team , will unfortunately not participate in the 2022 World Cup.

But back to these games that Algiers wants to succeed at all costs, “nif” requires. The first hiccup in this event was the dismissal of former Algerian public television sports journalist Mourad Boutadjine earlier this month.

The former communications officer for the Games is accused of not having provided interpreters to accompany the foreign delegations, who came to attend the operation of the draws but also of the affair of the plagiarism of the official poster of these JM of Oran as well as the official song of the Games which was plagiarized from a Moroccan song by Nouamane Lahlou.

This first alert made our two puppets (Statler and Waldorf) of the Muppet Show made in Algeria quiver, who urged the people and the authorities in charge of these Games to do everything possible to “succeed them” in the name of the prestige and credibility of the country. Some gossips therefore see it as a life-size fiasco.

It is because there is no shortage of dysfunctions day after day at any level whatsoever, in these Games where more than 5,000 participants are projected to be hosted, including 3,434 athletes, dominated by the Italians (565 ), followed by the French (496).

But what do you want, clumsiness in business management in Algeria is a house habit. The Croatian delegation, barely landed, provided itself with a surprising report relayed in the Croatian press.

We will not be able to endure 14 days in Algeria, the conditions of residence, accommodation and transport are catastrophic and the nearest gymnast is an hour and a half from the residence”, they described.

And the delegation to lament and say that more than a billion dollars of public money has been spent in this scandal. We do not tell you the surprise of the distribution of water that will be rationed in Oran faith of president with an unpronounceable name. Nope ! no, we will not quote between these lines the freedom of expression and the manu-military expulsion of Moroccan journalists from Algeria that even RSF denounced and that this good journalist Hafid Deradji, licker of lickers to the eternal, treated of spies when he had been invited and lodged, at one of them, in his own house in Morocco. We leave the man and the Algiers regime to their own conscience.

Moreover, schizophrenic with wishes, the senile regime of Algiers suspects Morocco of being behind a large plot aimed at scuttling this great event organized by Algeria. Eh yes ! the Kingdom after the fires of Kabylia would be “once again“ behind a large plot.

The special envoy of “I don’t know what” in our southern provinces and the Maghreb countries or what remains of them, Amar Belani, accuses the Kingdom of “pay handsomely” a large number of media outlets. The aim, he denounces, would be to “tarnish and tarnish the image of Algeria and attempt to harm its international action, as is currently the case through the rabid campaign of denigration of the organization by Algeria of the Mediterranean Games in the city of ‘Oran’.

The other completely Algerian story, moreover, that we will remember is that “the regime wants to restore its image abroad after having been tarnished by the Hirak and also by the arrest of detainees of political opinions. If he succeeds in organizing the JM of Oran, he will certainly come out of it grown, inside and out. But if it’s a fiasco, heads will roll! “.



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