Medical crisis unfolds as ‘August 20 Injection’ victims struggle to access care

Medical crisis unfolds as ‘August 20 Injection’ victims struggle to access care

A growing medical crisis has emerged as individuals affected by the “August 20 Injection” scandal find themselves facing a battle to secure much-needed eye care in hospitals and private clinics since the incident’s shocking revelation, as reported by MoroccoLatestNews.

Reports from families of the victims paint a dire picture. Those seeking the expertise of ophthalmologists, whether in public hospitals or private practices, are now being met with rejection. This has resulted in the denial of crucial medical documentation regarding their deteriorating eye health.

The situation has left victims frustrated and perplexed, as they ponder whether this is a result of government health directives or a personal endeavor to evade potential consequences.

Medical professional organizations in the field of ophthalmology have chosen to remain tight-lipped about the issue until ongoing investigations, under the guidance of the relevant public prosecutor’s office, reach a conclusion.

These organizations have mandated their members not to broach the topic or discuss the controversial injection that has sent shockwaves through the country. 

Sixteen individuals lost their eyesight after receiving the injection at the August 20 Hospital in Casablanca.

The enigma continues to unravel as investigative efforts persist, led by the National Judicial Police at the direction of the public prosecutor’s office. All affected patients have been interviewed, and the inquiry into various parties involved remains in progress.

In an impassioned plea, the victims are calling for accountability for those responsible and demanding immediate assistance in their time of need.

Medical records received by these patients upon their release from the August 20 Hospital in Casablanca paint a grim picture. Most suffered from blindness and severe visual impairments as a result of the unlicensed injection intended for eye network treatment.

Adding to the complexity of the situation, the Moroccan Association of Ophthalmology has sent a compelling message to Minister of Health and Social Protection, Khalid Ait Taleb. They said that the injection provided to these patients lacked the necessary authorization for eye network treatment. 

It’s worth noting that the issue erupted when fifteen individuals from various regions in Morocco came forward with complaints to the Casablanca public prosecutor’s office. 

The victims reported experiencing excruciating eye pain, and for some, complete loss of eyesight, following the administration of an injection at the August 20 Hospital in Casablanca.


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