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Meaningful Meet Nadia Fettah and Puneet Talwar

Rabat and Washington intend to intensify their cooperation in economic and social matters. This is the statement delivered by the US ambassador in Rabat, Puneet Talwar, who was received, at the beginning of the week, by the Argentière of the Kingdom, Nadia Fettah.

It was a pleasure to meet Nadia Fettah Alaoui, Minister of Economy and Finance. The U.S. and Moroccan commitment to supporting sustainable economic growth in Morocco and across the African continent is stronger than ever.“said Puneet Talwar at the end of this interview.

The purpose of this meeting was “to examine a range of areas of economic and financial cooperation between the Kingdom and the United States and to discuss ways to further strengthen this cooperation”according to the note published by the Ministry of Economy and Finance.

The Minister presented the main reforms on which the Executive worked during the past financial year, as well as the roadmap to be implemented for the future, focused on the areas of social protection, investment, education and health, in which the Kingdom hopes to further develop cooperation with Washington.

For his part, Puneet Talwar welcomed the promotion of the proposed reforms and affirmed the intention of the United States to support the promotion of relations with Morocco.

Morocco has started 2023 with a firm commitment to grow its economy and improve the data which last year already represented growth compared to 2021. Among the initiatives that the Kingdom intends to develop at best, two stand out on the other hand, the increase in investments and the strengthening of exports. Also, maintaining proximity with countries that can support the Kingdom in restarting the economic machine after these last two years of crisis is entirely appropriate.

Morocco, despite the difficulties, entered the new year in a very strong way. Indeed, it is rumored that Moroccan bank deposits reached a record level in 2022. Moreover, the latest data for the past fiscal year indicate an increase in the flow of currency in circulation. Cash increased by 8.9% compared to the same tranche in 2021.

A performance that is not negligible in view of the energy crisis where raw materials are on the increase, such as cereals… In addition, the rise in inflation over the past year has affected the coffers of many States and not the least. Morocco swept away by the wave did not escape it. In this regard, it is normal for Rabat to turn to its allies for possible support. In this context, the United States therefore appears as an opportunity in this sense.

This meeting, between the Moroccan minister and the American diplomat, comes less than a month after the Summit of USA-Africa leaders which was held in mid-December in Washington and at which the Head of Government Aziz Akhannouch, accompanied precisely by Nadia Fettah, had taken part.

The two Moroccan officials had, in particular, held talks with Ambassador Katherine Tai, US Trade Representative, an opportunity for both parties to present the challenges and opportunities for developing the partnership in order to continuously improve the free trade, signed between the two countries in 2006.

To this must be added Morocco’s growing rapprochement with one of the most important allies of the United States, Israel in this case, which constitutes an essential element in the strengthening of relations between the United States. United and Morocco. Another good point for the Kingdom, the growing leadership in terms of renewable energies and which is part of the fight against the energy crisis, just like the agreements concluded with Tel Aviv for the exploration and production of natural gas. .

This is the clear illustration of the strength of the Kingdom which aspires only to grow economically. The meeting with the United States ambassador is one more step in strengthening relations with its allies, as is the next Negev summit, which will take place in Morocco and where there will be no shortage of opportunities in this direction.



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