Mauritani’s stance on Moroccan Saraha remains neutral and positive, says the Mauritanian President

Mauritani’s stance on Moroccan Saraha remains neutral and positive, says the Mauritanian President

In an exclusive interview with the French news outlet “Le Figaro”, Mohamed Ould Cheikh El Ghazouani, the President of the Mauritanian Republic confirmed that his country has held a neutral position regarding the Sahara conflict since he came to power.

Ould Cheikh El Ghazouani emphasized that he “tried to make this neutrality positive since 2019, given that Mauritania has traditionally upheld the same stance on this issue.”

The Mauritanian President made it clear that his country is not aware of any disputes between France and Morocco. He also stated that his country has not been approached by either nation concerning the Moroccan Sahara conflict.

“No one has asked us for anything regarding this issue, and we are not aware of the outbreak of a political rift between the two countries,” Ould Cheikh El Ghazouani explained.

He also took a moment to shed light on the strong ties between Morocco and France and underscored that both nations are able to resolve their issues without any external involvement, including Mauritania.

“What links these two countries is more than what divides them, and Mauritania is always ready to play its role as a friendly country in the region,” he insisted.

Shedding light on Mauritania’s strategic geographical position, The Mauritanian President further underscored his country’s role as a bridge between the Arab world and Sub-Saharan Africa, working to bring both dimensions together.

Ould Cheikh El Ghaouani discussed the movement of anti-French sentiments in some African countries and attributed it to misunderstanding rather than true animosity.

“Anti-France sentiments do not exist in the strict sense; rather, it is just a matter of misunderstanding, as is sometimes the case between old friends,” he explained.

The Mauritanian President clarified that populism is not limited to African nations, but is a global phenomenon, exacerbated by the influence of social media.

He said, “Populism is not limited to Africa, but is expressed in every region of the world,” stressing that “populism cannot be controlled by anyone, as the phenomenon is prominently amplified through social media.”

The President asserted that there is no such anti-French sentiment in his country and underscored that the diplomatic relations between Mauritania and France are characterized by mutual respect and friendship.

Ould Cheikh El Ghazouani thought that France would definitely have a significant role to play in Africa’s future, given the exceptional historical ties between France and the continent.

The Mauritanian President explained, “Paris is the only Western country that understands Africa more than the rest of the countries and has exceptional relations with this continent,” insisting that “France has a common history with Africa, and will certainly have a future here similar to Europe, with which we are united by ties of history, geography, culture, and civilization.”

He concluded the interview by emphasizing the need for Africa to have a future in France, Europe, and the West at large, stressing that the future should not be envisioned at the expense of others.

The Mauritanian President shed light on the need to foster positive relationships. He insisted on the importance of a mutually beneficial approach that does not prioritize one party over another.

On September 18, the Mauritania president instructed his Foreign Ministry to initiate the process of opening a General Consulate in Casablanca, some sources told MoroccoLatestNews.

This new development comes within the context of the continuous improvement in relations between Rabat and Nouakchott since the current president came to power.

Last March, the Joint High Commission for Cooperation between the two nations signed 13 cooperation agreements in various fields, with the presence of Head of Govemrent Aziz Akhennouch and the Mauritanian Prime Minister Moahmmed Ould Bilal.


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