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Marrakech the most advantageous city in the world for its winter sun

For a craving for sun or sunny adventures, Marrakech remains one of the best value destinations in the world for its winter sun. Indeed, the ocher city has been designated as the best destination in this area, according to a British survey (mycasino.com).

A holiday in Marrakech will only cost 1241.71 DH for each hour of sunshine, the city counting almost 7 hours (6.53) per day. The most expensive destination is Barbados, which for its magnificent location has an average daily cost of 38,023.96 DH for just over 5 hours (5.35) of sunshine gained each day, i.e. 7103.35 DH per day. hours of sunshine the highest amount of all analyzed destinations.

After Marrakech, the cheapest destination of all the cities where you can get the most hours of sunshine (average cost of a stay in Marrakech being 8107.62 DH for 10.06 hours of winter sunshine per day ), the Egyptian capital, Cairo, comes second. But it must be said that the sunshine in the ocher city is 6.53 hours more than in Greater London, which makes it the most advantageous winter sun destination. Marrakech is 26% cheaper than the neighboring island of Madeira (third), where visitors will pay 1664.38 DH per hour of sunshine gained.

In the Egyptian capital, Cairo, the runner-up to Marrakech, tourists will pay 1535.15 DH for each hour of sunshine. Also on the podium for best value for winter sun is Madeira, Portugal, where visitors will pay a fifth of the price (19%) in the neighboring holiday resort of Fuerteventura (Canary Islands). Tourists can expect to pay 2070.82 DH per hour of sunshine for nearly 6 (5.82) hours of winter sunshine compared to nearly 7 hours (6.82) in Fuerteventura outstripped by Tenerife, in the archipelago of the Canaries.

Dubai (UAE) comes in sixth place with an average cost of stay of 18,346.58 DH and 2861.42 per hour of sunshine (6.41). Cancun Mexico coming next with 3077, 35 for 8.53 hours of sunshine per day. The survey of vacation destinations with the most sunshine per “pound” spent used surface solar radiation, net per hour, during the winter months (December, January, February) of the day acquired at from the ERA-Land reanalysis dataset provided by the Copernicus Climate Data Store. Also, we calculated sunshine hours, collected cost estimates for flights, hotel stays, restaurant meals and beverages from a multitude of reliable data sources.

The information was collected respectively from Google Flights and Google Hotels as well as Numbeo. The total estimated cost of the holiday has been calculated assuming 2 meals and one drink in the restaurant per day, for 2 adults. A spatial join between the solar radiation grids and the selected vacation destinations was then performed with aggregation to calculate the total solar radiation per month for each destination. A rate of 1000 W/m2 was used to calculate the average sunshine duration per winter month. Flight and hotel accommodation charges collected from January 16 to 23, 2023 for two adults.



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