Marrakech is hosting the 15th Melhoune Art Festival from 26 to 29 current

Marrakech is hosting the 15th Melhoune Art Festival from 26 to 29 current

The fifteenth edition of the Melhoune Art Festival will take place from July 26 to 29 in Marrakech, on the initiative of the Sebaâtou Rijal (Seven Apostles) Association for Melhoune Art and Moroccan Heritage.

Organized under the theme “The Art of Melhoun: Authenticity and Civilization”, as part of the celebration of the glorious feast of the Throne, this new edition constitutes a new stage and a qualitative addition, able to reflect and illustrate this rapprochement and to build bridges of communication between all the parties concerned by the Melhoun, from the poet to the singer, through the artist, the researcher, reaching the public.

This Festival will be marked by a strong participation of artists from Zajal, as well as poets, in addition to troupes from Melhoune, researchers and thinkers interested in this authentic art, explain the organizers in a press release.

This large-scale artistic and cultural event, which will take over several corners of the Ocher City, will include a rich and varied program, with conferences and meetings led and supervised by a group of experts and researchers in the field of art. du Melhoun.

Festival-goers will also be on hand with two artistic evenings, and with a nocturnal meeting dedicated to the enhancement of heritage, with the key to a good moment of reunion between artists who have given a lot for the promotion of Dekka marrakchia and ensured the training of young artists capable of carrying the torch and contributing to the perpetuation of this ancestral art, one of the fundamental components of the heritage identity of the Kingdom.

The purpose being to encourage the rising generations to further explore this component of the emblematic Marrakesh heritage, concludes the same source.


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