Marrakech International Film Festival to pay tribute to Mads Mikkelsen and Faouzi Bensaïdi 

Marrakech International Film Festival to pay tribute to Mads Mikkelsen and Faouzi Bensaïdi 

The Marrakech International Film Festival “FIFM ” unveiled today that it will pay tribute to two cinema pioneers, the Danish actor Mads Mikkelsen and the Moroccan director, writer, and actor Faouzi Bensaïdi.

Ever since it was launched in 2001, the festival has paid tributes to cinema’s greatest names, awarding them with the Étoile D’Or.

Mikkelsen, honored by the invitation, said, “ It is such an honor to be invited, once again, to your beautiful festival. Last time was part of a celebration of Danish filmmakers; this time, it’s a personal award. Although I’m probably going to dedicate it to everyone I’ve ever worked with, I do feel extraordinarily proud that it was my name you came up with as someone who deserves celebration. Proud, honored and so fortunate, that in a short while, I will meet friends and colleagues and some of my all-time heroes in beautiful Marrakech. Can’t wait!.”

Known for his audacious takes on roles, fierceness, and a perfect balance between Hollywood and indie films, Mikkelsen is unarguably the most successful Danish actor in the whole world.

The second tribute, going to one of Morocco’s best creative minds, Faouzi Bensaïdi, is another testament to his unwavering talent.

For almost 25 years, he has written, directed, and starred in films. His movies are regularly featured in international festivals, giving the world a hint into Morocco through his eyes.

While he is a FIFM regular, the director did express his joy about the upcoming tribute saying “Marrakech is a city of a thousand stories, and the film festival is one of them. It is a brilliantly bright city that is open to humanity and that never ceases renewing itself and creating new pathways and avenues. I, too, have weaved my way through my own, intimate story with this beautiful festival. It is with great pride that I have presented all my films here, and I am very grateful for the festival’s loyalty and friendship. I thank the Marrakech International Film Festival for crowning our long-time connection with this tribute – an immense honor for me. I am both pleased and moved to receive it in my homeland, in one of the world’s most precious cinema events. As well, I look forward to sharing my most recent film, Deserts – itself made up of a thousand stories – with all festival attendees.”

The two artists will both take part in FIFM’s “In concertation with”, a program dedicated to allowing the crowd to hear artists talk about their careers, experiences, and more.


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