Maroc Telecom had nearly 73 million customers at the end of September 2021

The number of Maroc Telecom Group’s customers reached nearly 73 million at the end of September 2021, up 3.3% compared to the same period of 2020.

This development is attributable to the increase in the customer base in the subsidiaries (+ 4.2%), explains the group in a press release on its consolidated results at the end of September.

The Mobile fleet recorded an increase of 1.6% over one year to reach more than 20 million customers drawn by both the Prepaid and Postpaid fleet (+ 1.7% and + 0.9% respectively) thanks to an increase in activity observed this quarter after the reopening of borders, notes the same source.

The Fixed one is almost stable over one year (-0.4%), at nearly 2 million lines, specifies the group, adding that the broadband fleet grew by 1.8%, to reach 1.7 million subscribers. driven by record fiber optic line installations (+ 53%).

Internationally, the Mobile fleet reached 48,546,000 customers, spread over Burkina Faso (10,259,000), Ivory Coast (9,877,000), Mali (8,011,000), Benin (4,995,000), Chad (4,919,000), Niger (3,059,000), Togo (2,847,000), Mauritania (2,753,000), Gabon (1,605,000) and Central African Republic (221,000).

The Fixed subscribers amounted to 347,000 subscribers in Mali (184,000), Burkina Faso (76,000), Mauritania (58,000) and Gabon (30,000), while the fixed broadband network stood at 140,000 customers.



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