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March 8 – Zineb Hajji, or how to impose yourself in a “masculine” sector

March 8 is already on everyone’s lips. We will thus celebrate, as every year, the international day of women’s rights, in particular equality, but it is above all a question of sensitizing societies and mobilizing all sectors in favor of women’s rights.

On this occasion, MoroccoLatestNews UK met Zineb Hajji, communications manager at Marocaine Vie. Present at the African Digital Summit (ADS) 2023, she shared her opinion on this international day and what she thinks of the progress made in Morocco in terms of women’s rights.

MoroccoLatestNews UK : On March 8, we will celebrate the innovative, creative woman, as well as the right of women to equality. What does this day represent for you as a woman who occupies a key position in a large entity?

Zineb Hajji : Please specify. In fact, frankly and honestly, for me on March 8, we may have achieved equality and fairness the day we no longer need to celebrate it. It may seem like a counter-current discourse, just as it may seem a completely conventional discourse, because there are the “for” and the “against”, we will say that I belong to the second school .

It’s good to celebrate, but again, being convinced that the woman has exactly the same capacity to do, and that she does not need to sacrifice her personal life at the expense of her professional life and vice versa. I consider that in reality we hope that there will be no more need to celebrate, and that we will be equal.

Even if unfortunately today, there are certain observations and figures that unfortunately mean that we are still far from it, and that I think that this day is destined to continue for a long time. But yes, if this is the opportunity once again to raise awareness, and to recall certain notions and to allow once again an evolution of mentalities, of mores so that we arrive at this real equity-equality, I am taker. But once again if you ask me for my personal opinion, I find that there will be a big step the day when we no longer need to celebrate.

Do you think Morocco’s laws and initiatives are moving in the direction of equal rights? Has there been any progress?

Again, maybe I’m not representative. Morocco is a population that is very heterogeneous. Depending on geographical situations and certain sectors of activity, there are many disparities.

On a personal level, I see change, I see change and more and more women taking on responsibilities and taking an interest in jobs that were previously reserved exclusively for men. I see that there is an evolution of mentality on qualities which were yesterday considered as purely feminine compared to others which were masculine.

But I don’t want to ignore the fact that there are certain regions of the country where we are not there. We will say yes, there is progress, but there are disparities.

MoroccoLatestNews UK : A message to women on the occasion of March 8

Zineb Hajji : Beautiful party to all and forward YALLAH. That was our message to Moroccan Life this year.



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