Manal dedicated new song to late father, featuring rapper Ghali

Manal dedicated new song to late father, featuring rapper Ghali

Moroccan singer Manal unveiled her newest song “Baba” featuring Italian-Tunisian rapper Ghali, the second track revealed from her upcoming album, “Arabian Heartbreak”, whose release date remains a secret.

“Baba” is an emotional tribute paid by the singer to her late father, expressing that even after his disappearance, he shaped a determined and resilient woman.

Through her lyrics, Manal describes the tenacity of this woman who, faced with the ups and downs of life, maintains hope, and draws her strength from God, destiny, and her own heart. 

In the music video directed by Farid Malkin, Manal was able to highlight Moroccan culture, by integrating traditional visual elements, while preserving the dark and enigmatic aesthetic that she first unveiled in “Morak”.

“Sfenj”, “Msemen”, mint tea, and embroidered carpets, Manal and Ghali sang as they moved from one set to another, surrounded by several elements that their Moroccan and Tunisian fans are familiar with.

Manal revealed to MoroccoLatestNews in a statement that she collaborated with Ghali because she had always appreciated his work and since, as a Tunisian, his culture is similar to Moroccan culture.

“We have been talking back and forth for a while, then I showed him the song when he was on a visit to Morocco, as I pictured that he would be the perfect fit for what I’m working on,” said the singer.

Ghali agreed to embark on the journey because, according to Manal, he wanted to become more connected to his heritage and culture as a Tunisian living in Italy.


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