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Making entrepreneurship a solution for youth employment

The Minister of Economy and Finance, Nadia Fettah Alaoui, highlighted, on Tuesday in Rabat, the role of entrepreneurship in solving the problem of youth employment.

Speaking at the opening of the Regional Conference for North Africa, placed under the theme “The future of employment and the role of entrepreneurship and VSMEs”, Nadia Fettah Alaoui called for pooling efforts in a to make entrepreneurship “part of the solution to youth employment” with a particular focus on gender parity.

In this regard, the Minister welcomed the various programs launched with a view to encouraging entrepreneurship in both urban and rural areas, as well as the various initiatives in the financial field in terms of support. To this end, she highlighted the importance of supporting young entrepreneurs. “What counts in entrepreneurship is support, financing can be a simple subject,” she said.

Throughout this process, quality and long-term training with a focus on soft skills are essential elements in the success of entrepreneurial projects, she argued.

For her part, Yacine Fal, Vice-President of the Regional Department at the African Development Bank (AfDB), recounted the experiences of entrepreneurs in the region, supported by the support programs of their respective countries in partnership with the AfDB.

All these experiences embody the faces of this enterprising youth and reflect the diversity of the investment paths taken, noted Yacine Fal.

To this end, she called on all the actors concerned to combine their efforts to find solutions capable of supporting entrepreneurs throughout their journey.

Organized by the African Development Bank Group and the Department of Economic Inclusion, Small Business, Jobs and Skills, this high-level conference shines a spotlight on the challenges faced by workers, entrepreneurs and VSMEs in the aftermath of the pandemic.

This two-day meeting also aims to define a general roadmap to accelerate recovery by creating investment and entrepreneurship opportunities.




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