Majority parties call for the departure of Rabat’s mayor, Asmaa Rhlalou

Majority parties call for the departure of Rabat’s mayor, Asmaa Rhlalou

Asmaa Rhlalou, President of the Rabat City Council and the Capital’s Mayor, is at the heart of controversy following the release of a joint press release from the country’s majority parties demanding her resignation.

The Authenticity and Modernity Party (PAM), the Istiqlal Party (PI), and the National Rally of Independents Party (RNI), Rhlalou’s own party, all called out the official’s problematic behavior and poor management of the city council.

Advisors to the three parties held a meeting on Thursday, in which they renewed their emphasis on rejecting the approach taken by the city council president in running the Rabat Collective Council.

Meanwhile, a source from the majority tells MoroccoLatestNews that “the mayor’s days are numbered,” indicating that what’s happening will eventually push her to leave her position.

The joint press release goes as follows: “After examining all the infractions and deviations of the failed experience of the president (Asmaa Rhlalou), who once again confirmed her obstinacy and arrogance towards her impulsive and capricious decisions, far from wisdom, farsightedness and the provision of local services following the demands and expectations of the inhabitants of the capital of the Kingdom, the presidents of the groups agreed to publish an enlightening declaration for public opinion and in particular for the inhabitants of the capital.”

Therefore, the three advisors of the majority groups in the City of Rabat Council emphasized that they vehemently reject the statements made by the president of the municipal council during the ordinary session of October 2023 regarding the budget vote, which 75 councilors out of 81, representing both the majority and opposition, boycotted.

This session, according to the same source talking to MoroccoLatestNews, “experienced numerous violations of the law and the rules of the session as well as the procedures it established, which testifies to the president’s ignorance of the provisions of the law governing the local authorities and municipal management rules.”

In the same light, “the members of the council condemn the stubbornness and obstinacy of the president in maintaining her negative policy and her inappropriate behavior. They are also surprised by her unusual statements, her inhumane behavior, far from moral values, and her gratuitous accusations against council members and others, as well as her deviations from the truth and common sense.”

While rejecting “the arrogant attitude and excessive egocentrism of the president towards all serious and responsible attempts by the leader of the party to which she belongs (Aziz Akhannouch) and his team to repair the division”, the group presidents of the three aforementioned parties “condemned the president’s attempts to exploit certain citizens who trusted her by claiming that she is looking after the interests of the residents of the capital, while accusing the members who boycotted her of harming the interests of the city of Rabat.”

Faced with this situation, “the members of the majority groups affirm their strong determination to overcome the mismanagement of the president of the municipal council and her policy of imposing reality, which is clearly manifested in all her decisions taken during this period.”

They believe that her haughtiness and stubbornness will only hurt the interests of the city’s residents, obstruct the delivery of municipal services, and jeopardize the effectiveness of the municipal council.

The same source announced that all the members of the council and the presidents of the five districts, as well as eight out of ten deputies of the president, as well as the other members, maintain their positions and will continue to lead the fight, convinced that it “There is no point in letting the president continue her functions which will only serve against the interests of the citizens of the capital, due to her irresponsible actions.”


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