Mahi Binebine wins prestigious Mediterranean Culture Prize in Italy’s Cosenza

Mahi Binebine wins prestigious Mediterranean Culture Prize in Italy’s Cosenza

Renowned Moroccan writer and painter, Mahi Binebine, recently clinched the prestigious Giustino Fortunato award at the 17th Mediterranean Culture Prize, held in the southern Italian city of Cosenza. The event was organized by Italian Carical Foundation.

This year’s edition of the prize was themed “Migration and Travel” and recognized Mahi Binebine for his outstanding sensitivity and patriotic social initiatives. An artist of international acclaim, Binebine’s journey into the world of art began in his youth, inspired by the vibrant colors and hypnotic forms of his hometown, the iconic “red city” of Marrakech.

Karima Moual, a respected editorialist and member of the jury for this edition, highlighted Binebine’s multifaceted talents, describing him as a “painter, sculptor, and writer.”

She underlined the significance of his travels, which served as the building blocks of a rich cultural heritage that he generously shares with the public. His works, showcased in prestigious museums worldwide, including the Guggenheim Museum in New York, have earned him a distinguished place in the global art scene.

Binebine’s impact goes beyond his artistry. The proceeds from films inspired by his books have been channeled into various social initiatives, including the establishment of cultural centers across Morocco. Of note is the creation of the African Writers’ Festival, an unprecedented project that has left an indelible mark on the literary landscape.

In addition to Mahi Binebine’s recognition, the Mediterranean Culture Prize also honored other deserving individuals. Cristiana De Filippis was awarded for her contributions in mathematics and the humanities, while Stéphanie Coste was recognized for her narrative prowess.

Barbara La Rosa Salim received accolades for her exceptional translation work. Furthermore, the special prize from the Carical Foundation was presented to Paolo Mangiola, the artistic director of Malta’s national dance troupe, ŻfinMalta.

The awards ceremony took place at the Alfonso Rendano theater in Cosenza, offering an annual platform for the public and prominent figures in the literary world to engage in meaningful discussions on themes related to dialogue and solidarity through the powerful medium of art and culture. It continues to be a beacon of recognition and celebration in the Mediterranean cultural landscape.


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