Macky Sall will address the Nation

Macky Sall will address the Nation

The Senegalese President, Macky Sall, indicated on Wednesday that he will address the Nation after the National Dialogue in order to “share the conclusions” and “provide the main guidelines” on the “consolidation of our model democratic and republican”, we learned from an official source.

“At the end of the national dialogue, the President of the Republic informed that he will address the Nation to share the conclusions and give the main orientations which will allow the consolidation of our democratic and republican model”, indicates the press release from the Council of ministers.

Macky Sall stressed that the final proposals and recommendations of the work of the National Dialogue commissions must reach him “before June 25, 2023, with a view to the rapid implementation of the conclusions and presidential decisions resulting from the national dialogue which he wishes to be inclusive. , constructive and forward-looking”.

President Macky Sall renewed his commitment to support the work of the national dialogue commissions in order to find, with the actors involved, the necessary compromises and the expected consensus on all the priority and major issues addressed, explains the text.

Before the government, Macky Sall expressed his ”thanks to all the political, economic, social, religious and customary actors, as well as the women and young people who responded to his call for dialogue”.

The national dialogue was launched on May 31, in Dakar, by the Head of State in the presence of important political, religious and customary figures.

Political leaders, including opposition leader Ousmane Sonko, rejected the Head of State’s call for dialogue.

The former ruling party, the Senegalese Democratic Party PDS of Abdoulaye Wade, and the Taxawu Senegaal coalition, led by opponent Khalifa Sall, a former mayor of Dakar, have agreed to participate in the consultation.

President Macky Sall, elected in 2012 and re-elected in 2019, has not yet revealed his intentions on a third presidential candidacy scheduled for February 25 in the country.


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