Luis Planas defends a new fishing protocol between Morocco and the EU

Luis Planas defends a new fishing protocol between Morocco and the EU

The Spanish Minister of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food, Luis Planas Puchades, indicated on Friday in Cordoba that his country “supports the European Union and Morocco in the conclusion of a new protocol of fishing for the next four years”.

“Spain’s position is very clear”, Planas insisted in a statement to Spanish media. The 5th session of the Joint Commission in charge of monitoring the Partnership Agreement in the field of sustainable fisheries between Morocco and the EU, held Thursday in Brussels, is “positive and fruitful”, he added in this sense.

And to add that “Work will continue, particularly in the area of ​​research and technical issues, in order to progress and allow us to conclude the new protocol as quickly as possible.”

“The structural support measures of the agreement have worked well”, while “scientific and technical research work is continuing with a view to the future of the agreement”, underlined Planas who said to himself “ optimistic” that “this period of shutdown will last as short as possible”.

As a reminder, in a joint press release, published at the end of the 5th session of the Joint Commission responsible for monitoring the Fisheries Agreement, Morocco and the EU agreed to continue their cooperation in the field of fisheries, in order to deepen the bilateral partnership on essential aspects, such as scientific campaigns, technical cooperation, the fight against illegal fishing, the economic integration of operators, safety measures at sea and the improvement of working conditions and protection of seafarers.

The European Union underlined, in this regard, that relations with Morocco in the field of fisheries “are part of a comprehensive and mutually beneficial partnership, which makes Morocco and the EU strategic partners for stability , development and prosperity in the region”.

She also reiterated the “highest importance” that she attaches to her partnership with Morocco in terms of fisheries, and the “essential interest” that she attaches to its continuation “in a spirit of trust, solidarity and ‘mutual interest’.


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