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Loubaba Laâlej exhibits his “Pensées Vagabondes” in Marrakech

The gallery “Dar Cherifa” hosted, Saturday in Marrakech, the opening of the exhibition of the artist-plastician and writer Loubaba Laâlej, as well as the signature of her collection of poems entitled “Pensées vagabondes” in its two French versions and Arab.

The exhibition, which will run until October 30, gives to see and appreciate a collection of 29 canvases of high artistic and aesthetic value which reveal an undeniable talent for the intuitive knowledge of shapes and colors, which are in perpetual dialogue with the inner self of the artist.

It draws its inspiration from a collection (available in 198 pages in medium format), which opposes, by its generic coloring, the concern for representation and the logic of resemblance, in a text that even if it inclines sometimes in allegory, it stages an intermediate form between the real and the imaginary, in the sense of a fictitious historical reconstruction.

“Contemplating the immensity of the universe, the idea comes to me of wandering from one thought to another without a net or trapeze. And without red wire! With Les Pensées Vagabondes, the journey continues as a nomad, ”noted Ms. Laâlaj in a statement to M24, MAP’s continuous news channel.

“My inspiration comes from my inner world. I never wanted to be influenced by anyone or anything. It is of course my choice and it is worth what it is worth by the inspiration of my travels and my spirituality. I wanted, through writing, to allow readers to penetrate the interior world of the painter, ”she added.

For Mr. Hassan Laghdach, researcher and art critic, Ms. Laâlaj’s artistic work “establishes a romantic parenthesis that stars the text: A text apparently monological but crossed by a dialogism open to the words of others. That is to say, a text from the relativization and decentralization point of view. Finally, a text which represents these divergent voices of thought and of the world to maintain a questioning gaze on it ”.

Thus, the artist-writer “oscillates between the inside and the outside, here and there, an oscillation inherent in the adventurous spirit”, exclaimed Mr. Laghdach, affirming that it is above all about ” to embrace the movement of life, to reach the very limits of one’s existence because writing is the only vehicle which allows thought to settle in the very intimacy of being ”.

For his part, the writer and art critic, Hassan Nrais underlined that the texts of Ms. Laâlaj upset “certain predominant perceptions and create chaos and discord within the poetic self in order to found a linguistic structure systematically and regularly” .

“Then there is the interior dialogue as a bridge to lead to a dialogue with others and with the Other. Texts which translate the presence of the poet in the arena of life from the interior of a painting embellished with colors … The common denominator between the poetic text and the painted picture is that they are two expressionist tools divided between the task of writing and painting and the essence of creation. Ideas like no other, ideas that are out of the ordinary and conventional, ”he said.

Ms. Loubaba, it will be recalled, obtained in 2019 an honorary doctorate issued by the Forum International des Beaux-Arts (Fine Arts Forum International) as recognition.

She has, to her credit, several publications on her creative experience, such as “Fantastic Emergence”, “My universes”, “Matière aux sons multiples”, “Abstraction et suggestion”, “Women of the world: between shadow and light ”(in press).

She has also published several collections of poetry, including “Fragments”, “Pensées vagabondes” and “Icons of female plasticity”.

Several of these books are in the process of being published, including “Mysticité et plasticité”, “Melhoun et peinture”, “Peinture et poésie”, “Chuchotement du silence”, “Musicalité et plasticité” (tome I and tome II), “Danse and plasticity ”,“ Living with oneself ”,“ Living together ”,“ Inner voice ”,“ Route of light ”and“ Art and love ”(writings and works).




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