“L’Oiseau bleu” by Mouha Ouhdidou, Grand Prize of the Oujda National Short Film Festival

The film “The Blue Bird” by director Mouha Ouhdidou won the Grand Prize of the 2nd edition of the Oujda National Short Film Festival, recently organized by the “Hna Houma Hna” association for cinema and theater.

The award for best male performance went to Mohcine Chebani for her role in the film “The Leaves of Liberty”, while actress Fatima Zahra Aherrar won the award for best female performance for her performance in “The Last wave”.

In addition, the jury this edition, placed under the theme “Cinema at the service of young people” and organized in digital format, awarded a special mention to the films “The thief of memory” and “Death”.

In total, nine films representing different regions of Morocco participated in this edition dedicated to the memory of the late Abdeljebbar Louzir, the famous Moroccan actor who died last September.

The jury was notably composed of the film critic, Abdelkarim Ouakrim, the director Mohamed Taha Benslimane and the actress Khouloud Bettioui.

In addition to the screening of films, this edition was marked by tributes to well-known and recognized personalities on the artistic scene, workshops on certain cinema professions, the decor in particular, supervised by the artist Youssef Chettati, in addition to a round table on cinema and young people and a master class, moderated respectively by Professor Mustapha Remdani and Moroccan film critic Abdelkarim Ouakrim.


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