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Live. The images of the Atlas Lions on their return to Morocco after their historic achievement in the World Cup

The Atlas Lions returned to Rabat on Tuesday afternoon after a month of competition in the 2022 World Cup in Qatar. The players received a welcome commensurate with their exceptional performance.

The Moroccan national team players landed at Salé-Rabat airport around 5 p.m. after taking off from Doha in Qatar. An exceptional security device has been deployed to ensure their safety and their movement to the royal palace where they will be welcomed for a dinner to congratulate them.

Thousands of Moroccans took to the streets of Salé and Rabat to welcome the national team champions as national heroes after their World Cup run where they emerged as the 4th best team in the world.

The Atlas Lions, with smiles on their faces and proud to have represented their country in the best possible way, paraded in a bus equipped with an open roof to be able to be in contact with their supporters.

The national team of Morocco achieved the feat of being the first African and Arab team to have reached the semi-final of the World Cup after ranking first in their group (F) by beating and eliminating favorite teams like Canada, Belgium, Spain and Portugal.

The players were able to take photos and videos of this historic event which will remain engraved in their memory, and thank all the people mobilized, who came to welcome them on their return to Morocco.

They were finally able to see, after a month of competition where they were in their bubble, the extent of the fervor of the Moroccan supporters who celebrated each of their victories in the World Cup.



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