Lions victims of racism and Islamophobia at the hotel where they are staying

Lions victims of racism and Islamophobia at the hotel where they are staying

In this FIFA truce, the Atlas Lions after their brilliant and prestigious success against Brazil, are currently in Spain and more precisely in Madrid where they are preparing their second meeting to play against Peru, tomorrow Tuesday.

Regragui & Co to do this, are preparing in the center of Real Madrid. Also, itt is in the North of the Spanish capital that the Moroccan selection took up residence at the hotel Eurostars Tower, a 5 star one of the ten most beautiful in the city, ahead of Tuesday night’s event at Atletico Madrid’s Wanda Metropolitano stadium. The establishment has about forty floors and is located less than three kilometers from the Bernabeu stadium.

So far nothing abnormal except for a publication on Instagram of one facility staff member xenophobic and islamophobic in addition to vile insults. Resumed, in widespread tweets on Twitter and in chorus by ENDM Moroccan Team and Soccer 212 in particular and even on the account of Hakim Zyech, the post set the web in turmoil.

The so-called employee or employees of the hotel to express their hatred of the “Moor” have found nothing better than to add to their publication only racist remarks and irrelevant insults against the mothers of the Lions of the Atlas, We serve them Ramadan crap. Their fucking beliefs. “F*cking” Moors of sh*t, I e*erde Ramadan and their f*king of m*rts! “Thus creating heated controversy on social networks.

The Palace’s response was reportedly prompt and if the front desk manager who tweeted it is to be believed, the employee would have been fired and inevitably a report to the police would follow. After apologies for the occasion, he explained that “the people responsible for these acts are not employees of the hotel or the chain, but are freelancers who work when there are events in the hotels”.

“They have already been dismissed, denounced and made available to the police to be held responsible for their actions”, also specifies the management of the hotel.


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