Lionel Messi lights up Inter Miami for his first appearance

Lionel Messi lights up Inter Miami for his first appearance

First game, first goal and first victory. At the dawn of his adventure with Inter Miami, the Argentinian Lionel Messi, substitute, changed the course of the match by scoring the winning goal for his team (2-1) in the Leagues Cup, against the Mexican formation of Cruz Azul.

On the bench, red chasuble on his back, Messi had to wait before making his first appearance. Fans were stamping their feet, asking ‘Messi! Messi! “From the 20th minute of play. The Argentine star was exulted when Robert Taylor opened the scoring for the locals with a shot deflected into the goal by the post, before the break (44th).

It was later, in the 54th minute, that the former Paris Saint-Germain and FC Barcelona player put on his pink jersey and entered the game to a loud ovation from the public.

The stars LeBron James, Serena Williams and Kim Kardashian, not failing to immortalize the moment with their smartphones. Sergio Busquets took advantage of the same stoppage of play to also make his debut with Miami.

Already wearing the captain’s armband, Messi watched helplessly as Cruz Azul returned, thanks to Antuna’s goal (65th).

Then the Argentinian tried a lot, often succeeded before being decisive. Jostled in the 94th minute, Messi then harvests an ideal free kick, sent into the top corner to close this first luminous appearance.

David Beckham’s franchise had so far not won a single game in 11 matches.

Success in hand, the adventure continues in this Leagues Cup for Inter Miami, who will face Atlanta on Tuesday.


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