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LG Electronics Morocco highlights its new products for 2022

LG Electronics Morocco presented on Tuesday its 2022 vision for a more inclusive user experience and an improved lifestyle and unveiled the brand’s latest technologies.

During an event organized at the Les Tours Végétales art gallery in partnership with Yasmine Immobilier, the company also presented the new management of LG Electronics Morocco chaired by the general manager, Jungho Kim.

LG Electronics Morocco believes that the COVID-19 pandemic has significantly changed the way people interact with the world, including the way Moroccans spend their time. The resulting social distancing and confinement had a considerable impact on people’s daily habits and well-being, said the brand’s managers, adding that in such a context, digital technology constitutes a popular source of alternative forms of entertainment. Indeed, television consumption in Morocco has greatly increased during the coronavirus pandemic.

“We expect a significant increase in sales in the TV market. In addition, we expect the demand for high quality televisions such as OLEDs and large televisions to increase”said Jungho Kim in particular.

Driven by the ambition to meet consumer needs, LG QNED Mini LED is a perfect illustration of the group’s progress in creating entertainment solutions in line with current economic conditions.

These intend to provide an interactive and personalized experience for viewers who enjoy content on larger but above all better quality screens at home. On this occasion, the LG QNED Mini LED was presented, which combines mini LEDs with Quantum Dot and NanoCell technologies in an innovative, industry-leading display. This fusion of technologies results in a higher quality image, with deeper blacks and more vibrant colors, to deliver the ultimate viewing experience.

To better meet the needs and lifestyles of different users, it is possible to integrate LG’s ThinQ AI platform on compatible televisions. The brand’s flagship process, combining the power of AI and data analysis, promises to equip them with even more additional features and conveniences in this new year. These revolutionary devices once again confirm the brand’s desire to develop all aspects of daily life through technological innovation.

In addition, LG reveals that the brand has won numerous awards and accolades from various magazines that covered the Consumer Electronic Show (CES) held in Las Vegas in January. LG Electronics also points out that a large collection of the awards won during this global event is in the categories of household appliances and home entertainment.

Through these state-of-the-art processes, LG intends to create a better present and demonstrates that it is firmly focused on the future. Ultimately, all these initiatives undertaken by LG align perfectly with the group’s manifesto during its flagship event “LG World Premiere” at CES 2022: to create a more inclusive and sustainable user experience for a better future.




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