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Let’s go for the 5th edition of the African Digital Summit

The kick-off of the 5th edition of the African Digital Summit (ADS) was given this Thursday, March 2 in Casablanca, by Youssef Cheikhi, president of the Group of Advertisers of Morocco (GAM), at the initiative of this event. .

Extending over two days, March 2 and 3, the African Digital Summit stands out as the major annual meeting of advertisers, marketers, digital professionals, communication agencies and the media, in Morocco, Africa and around the world, to find inspiration and feed on the latest trends.

Organized by the Group of advertisers in Morocco, the ADS also aims to help business leaders better understand the issues related to digital, identify the best solutions and anticipate developments that will impact the future of their boxes.

On this occasion, the president of the Group of Advertisers of Morocco expressed his joy to receive during this annual meeting, professionals and decision-makers of digital marketing and media in Morocco, Africa and elsewhere.

» If we are all gathered here today, it is because we share the conviction and the desire to work together to develop and develop our businesses, our field and our ecosystem. ADS is an event that started in 2014, Moroccan, strictly localized, and then very quickly it turned into a continental event and a continental platform with an international dimension.“said Youssef Cheikhi.

The GAM President also said he was convinced that ” the future of our marketing and communication industry will depend tomorrow on the efforts we will make today to collaborate together in order to exchange knowledge, work together and mobilize our collective intelligence“.

While emphasizing that digital is fundamentally transforming our lives, our communication, the way we interact with our customers and our partners, Youssef Cheikhi indicated that brands and sponsors grant no less than 60% of their digital budget.

We are moving towards a level comparable to the advertising investment dedicated to television. Digital will therefore overtake all other offline media combined. We must then adapt constantly to be able to remain competitive and to be able to continue to exist.“, he argued.

It is therefore obvious today that we cannot imagine a business or a marketing or a communication without digital, he underlined, inviting at the same time the participants and the guests of the 5th edition of the ADS, to travel together to explore a number of topics ranging from the future of marketing to artificial intelligence, big data, metaverse and many other topics.



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