Let’s go for 3 days of road risk awareness

Let’s go for 3 days of road risk awareness

The “Vigilance, Roulez Prudence” campaign, dedicated to raising awareness of road safety and the risks of road and motorway traffic, was launched on Friday in Bouznika.

Extended over 3 days (July 7-9), this campaign, which gains in maturity and effectiveness over the years, aims to raise awareness among road users and thus contribute to the reduction of fatal accidents and serious injuries. , say the organizers.

Bringing together institutional and professional players, namely the National Road Safety Agency (NARSA), the National Motorway Company of Morocco (ADM) and Vivo Energy Morocco, this action affects all road users, with a focus on Moroccans residing abroad (MRE).

This campaign is part of an “awareness-raising and direct communication action that we are carrying out with our partners (…) and which is part of a global and integrated vision”, Abdessadek Maafa told the press. , director of the communication, education and road safety division at NARSA.

It targets “road users, in particular MREs”, who are made aware as soon as they arrive in the national territory, at the ports of Tangier Med and Nador, he said.

And to underline that the action is also carried out at the level of seven rest areas, but also in the cities, within the framework of a local action in collaboration with civil society, and at the level of the bus stations, “given that the summer period is a period of heavy traffic”.

For her part, the director of communication and CSR at Vivo Energy Morocco, Hind Mejjati Alami, indicated that this campaign, organized in service stations at the level of the motorway network, aims to raise awareness “of the general public, but also MREs and children in order to help reduce road accidents”.

If the awareness program mainly affects adults, Vivo Energy “has also provided activity books for children, with colored pencils, etc., the aim being to reach the whole family”, she said. noted.

It should be noted that the campaign, launched in a summer period which experiences a peak in motorway traffic as the summer holidays approach, the return of Aïd Al-Adha and the arrival of Moroccans residing abroad, part of the #Codewahed road system and provides for various awareness-raising actions.


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