Lekjaa, Rocha and Gomes sign letter of intent to FIFA, promise historic World Cup

Lekjaa, Rocha and Gomes sign letter of intent to FIFA, promise historic World Cup

Morocco, Portugal and Spain signed their declaration of candidacy to host the 2030 World Cup this Saturday, October 28, at the Mohammed VI complex in the Kingdom’s capital, Rabat.

The document, which represents the first formal step towards a joint bid by the three countries, was signed by the President of the Royal Moroccan Football Federation, Fouzi Lekjaa, the President of the Management Committee of the Royal Spanish Football Federation, Pedro Rocha, and the President of the Portuguese Football Federation, Fernando Gomes.

Lekjaa expressed his happiness at officially signing the letter of intent submitted to FIFA today to host the 2030 World Cup finals between Morocco, Portugal and Spain.

The FRMF Head said at the press conference that “the announcement of the joint organization of the 2030 World Cup is a historic day between countries united by history, the present and the future.”

“This is a historic opportunity for the youth of the three countries, as well as African youth. We thank King Mohammed VI, who is credited with all these sporting gains.”

Fernando Gomes, President of the Portuguese Football Federation, said: “I thank Faouzi Lekjaa for welcoming us here in Rabat, and I thank the President of the Spanish Federation. Today we have a historic opportunity in which we officially announce the hosting of the World Cup in the centenary of the World Cup.”

“It is a triple ambition that will challenge our countries. We will renew, innovate and organize a historic football event. This event will be exceptional and we will provide modern and world-class infrastructure.”

“FIFA has given us the opportunity to show the capabilities of our countries. We celebrate with pride this responsibility that has been given to us. Our challenge did not begin today. We have been working for years. We will present the official candidacy with pride , and we assure FIFA of the commitment of each country in this trio, and its desire to make the organization a success.”

“This is the first time the World Cup has been organized on two continents. The present and future will be bright for coming generations.”

Pedro Rocha, President of the Spanish Football League, said: “We have a unique opportunity for cooperation between the three federations, countries and peoples, and this World Cup will leave a legacy for these countries.”

The head of the Spanish football authority added: “We have a long way to go to finalize the details of this file by next June. We want this ambition to continue and multiply in the hearts of football fans. I am honored to sign the letter of intent. Let us make this dream a reality.”

He concluded: “I retained the words that Fawzi Lakjaa said in our last meeting. The three countries have become united, and we thank King Mohammed VI very much.”


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