Legalization can make Morocco a leader in medical research

In Morocco, Decree No. 2.22.159 for the application of Law No. 13.21 relating to the legal use of cannabis was published in the Official Bulletin on April 4th. An opportunity for the Kingdom and the long denigrated farmers who could legally benefit from this plant which has both therapeutic and cosmetic benefits. There remains the issue of the necessary licenses for the legitimate use of this substance.

Morocco has just made unprecedented progress, to the delight of farmers and pharmaceutical manufacturers thanks to the many economic advantages represented by the legalization of the legal use of cannabis. The annual growth rate of the global medical market is 30%, and the demand for the global medical cannabis market “ grows continuously“.

The legal framework having been put in place, Law No. 13.21, specifies the procedures for issuing licenses linked to the legitimate uses of this substance, the methods for collecting and destroying impurities, the approval of seeds and plants, the declaration damages and others and the process for surrendering licenses. Orders from the Ministries of the Interior, Health and Agriculture also specify the procedures for issuing licenses for the practice of cannabis-related activities.

Now, ” how to succeed in medical cannabis in Morocco“. This is the question that Pr Redouane Rabii, president of the Moroccan Consultative Association for the Use of Cannabis (AMCUC), tried to answer as part of the 1st National Congress on Therapeutic Innovation.

In his speech, the president of the AMCUC, said that the legalization of therapeutic cannabis in Morocco offers a great opportunity to establish itself as a leading country in the field of research on medical cannabis, thus emphasizing the importance to build a favorable environment for medical cannabis research in harmony with international standards and the vision of the Moroccan authorities.

The global medical cannabis market represents around 60% of the global legalized market, said Redouane Rabii. An index that allows Morocco to easily penetrate international markets thanks to its multiple advantages, including favorable natural and climatic conditions, proximity to emerging European and African markets, and abundant logistics capacities.

Reason why Pr. Rabii highlighted the importance of identifying alternative income generating activities to end the illegal status of farmers in order to join the medical cannabis pharmaceutical effort and promote university degrees in Cannabis medical, training programs, clinical trials and studies.

Aware of the therapeutic benefits of this plant, Pr. Rabii said that medical cannabis can treat many diseases that are currently incurable. In this sense, he cited a number of pathologies known to be sensitive to cannabis, such as Alzheimer’s, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, cancer, chronic pain, glaucoma, inflammation, migraine and nervous system degeneration.

That said, the specialist insisted on the importance of the standardization of medical Cannabis products, specifying that cannabis products approved for medical use must meet highly developed pharmaceutical industry standards and must be marked ” BMI – Medical Grade“.

Morocco could benefit from the American and Israeli models “ very successful in this“, he clarified.



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