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Leader of Islamic Jihad in the West Bank sentenced to 22 months in prison by Israel | MoroccoLatestNews French

The Israeli army announced on Tuesday that it had sentenced Bassam al-Saadi, a leader of the Palestinian armed group Islamic Jihad in the occupied West Bank, to 22 months in prison.

In a statement, the Israeli army announced that Bassam al-Saadi was sentenced as part of a plea agreement and “he was found guilty of criminal association, incitement to hatred and identity theft “

“According to the indictment, Bassam al-Saadi acted with other suspects to promote actions of the Islamic Jihad terrorist organization,” the army said, announcing that the man had been “sentenced to 22 months in prison, as well as a suspended sentence and a fine. »

This head of the Islamic Jihad section in Jenin, in the northern occupied West Bank, was arrested on August 1, 2022 by Israel and charged by an Israeli military court with supporting and transferring funds to a “terrorist” organization.

His arrest was followed by threats from Islamic Jihad which had announced the “general mobilization” of its fighters. Israel responded by carrying out an offensive against the armed group in the Gaza Strip, a Palestinian territory under Israeli blockade.

For three days in August, the clashes caused the death of 49 Palestinians, including 12 members of the Islamic Jihad according to the movement, and at least 19 children according to the UN.



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