Launch of the book “Le cheval, Trésor du Maroc” by Langages du Sud and SOREC

In Morocco, the horse has accompanied centuries of history and culture through its beauty, its power, the grace of its movements, the softness of its coat as well as the depth of its gaze which has always exerted a fascination on men.

A new publication has just enriched the Culture and Heritage collection, entitled “ The horse, treasure of Morocco “. This is a beautiful unpublished book on Moroccan equine heritage, produced by Langages du Sud in partnership with the Royal Society for the Encouragement of the Horse (SOREC), and which is a real immersion in the world of the horse.

Adored by sultans and kings, proud companion of rural populations and nomads, the horse has helped forge a heritage rich in ancestral and authentic traditions.

With the publication of this work “ The horse, treasure of Morocco », SOREC and Languages ​​of the South announce celebrating this heritage and enhancing the place of the horse in the Kingdom, its heritage and its special relationship with history.

Through the magic of words, the fascination of images and the emotion of shared moments, this work takes the reader on an in-depth discovery of the horse in Morocco. Heritage, Stud, Tbourida, Dialogue…, each of the 10 themes of the book is a universe in itself, which awakens sensations and invites you to let yourself be transported into the equine world to better understand it, explains Languages ​​of the South in a press release.

Thereby, ” The horse, treasure of Morocco ”Honors sharing, passion, friendship, heritage and legacy, so many words to pay tribute to an outstanding companion who spans the history of yesterday and today.

For the author Marie-pascale Rauzier, Historian and journalist by training, she is the author of more than forty works – Fine books, notebooks, travel guides and children’s books – of which almost half on Morocco. She has signed several books on the horse world (Knowing and discovering horse riding at Minerva, The horse, a passion with Nathan, The rider of hope at Stock, the Larousse of the horse and the pony…).



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