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Launch of the artistic project “Au coin de la rue” by Mohamed El Baz

In collaboration with the French Institute in Rabat, Mohamed El Baz calls on an alliance of artists to pay tribute to the interbreeding between Western culture and African roots. Two buildings symbolizing this mixture will be made available to several Moroccan artists from diverse cultures whose mission will be to honor the common memory that unites South and West. A cultural crossroads highlighting the need to create bridges to encourage coexistence in the face of a common destiny.

In a press release, the IF of Rabat explains that this exhibition, which it itself proposed, is in line with the Lab Digital Maroc project which offers a space of convergence and reflection to creators of multimedia productions. This exhibition develops the digital expression techniques of 5 talented artists.

The launch will take the form of a virtual journey between the residence of Mohamed El Baz in Tahannaout and the site of the French Institute in Rabat on rue Abou Inane, a building classified as world heritage, according to the IFR. These two sites will be modeled in 3D, in virtual developments. A route to discover on July 7 at 7 p.m. in the Micro-Folie Museum and online at the same time on the IFR website.

The French Institute in Rabat has also announced that a face-to-face exhibition will follow in November 2021 in its gallery as part of “Digital November”.




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