Launch of the 14th edition of the Summer University for young MREs

Launch of the 14th edition of the Summer University for young MREs

The 14th edition of the Summer University for young Moroccans residing abroad (MRE), which takes place from July 22 to August 1, 2023, was officially launched on Monday in Rabat. A total of 300 young people from the Moroccan diaspora from more than 30 countries participated.

Organized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, African Cooperation and Moroccans living abroad, this meeting is an opportunity for young Moroccans residing abroad to strengthen the links between the rising generations and the culture of their country of origin.

Data shared at this event indicates that 70% of attendees are from Europe, with 90% born overseas. In addition, women make up over 60% of participants at the Summer University, with a total of 199 participants.

Regarding the origin of the participants, Italy is in the lead with 68 young people, closely followed by France with 47 participants, alongside other countries such as Israel, Palestine, Spain and Algeria.

For Moulay Ismail Lamghari, Secretary General in charge of MREs, “ this program is of capital importance for young moroccans residing abroad, as it contributes to deepening their moroccan identity and facilitates their stay in the host countries“.

The official recalls that King Mohammed VI attaches great importance to the members of the Moroccan community through a clear public policy, by offering them a multitude of services, in particular of a cultural nature, which aims to preserve their Moroccan identity.

During Operation Marhaba, Moroccans Abroad Make Sure to Maintain Links with Their Country of Origin“, he added, stressing that Morocco is keen to follow a policy of services to accompany this powerful dynamic by actively committing to mobilize the great skills of our country, both political and logistical, in order to preserve one of its main soft forces.

The Secretary General specified that the program will include political and cultural activities led by a team of experts who will work to anchor Moroccan cultural identity and provide an opportunity for young people from the diaspora to express their ideas and questions.

Speaking on the theme “Morocco, land of coexistence between cultures and religions”, Ahmed Abbadi, secretary general of the Rabita Mohammadia of the ulemas, explained that ” identity is the basis of humanity throughout the world, and possessing a Moroccan identity is a great privilege“.

Abbadi said that ” identity is built through learning and education, and Moroccan identity is first built in homes by parents, and this is what must be preserved for the future“.

Since its launch in 2009, the Summer University program has offered young people from the Moroccan diaspora a space for the exchange of expertise and experience with their counterparts in Morocco. In particular, it makes it possible to closely identify the concerns of this community by adopting realistic and concrete working methods to strengthen the relationship of these MREs with their country of origin.

Among the objectives of these editions is in particular the transmission of Moroccan civilizational values ​​based on dialogue, tolerance and respect for others. They will thus make it possible to facilitate the integration of young Moroccans in the societies of residence and to contribute to the improvement of the image of Morocco and the influence of its culture in these countries, while sensitizing them to the socio-economic and political developments of the Kingdom.


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