Launch of Morocco-EU institutional twinning

Launch of Morocco-EU institutional twinning

In the city of Rabat, the institutional twinning between Morocco and the European Union (EU) in the field of youth was launched on Monday. The meeting was chaired by Mohamed Mehdi Bensaid, Minister of Youth, Culture and Communication, and Patricia Llombac Cussac, EU Ambassador to the Kingdom.

The institutional twinning between Morocco and the European Union tends to strengthen governance and generalize innovative initiatives aimed at integrating young people into social life and the labor market.

During this meeting, Mohamed Mehdi Bensaid, underlined that the twinning between Morocco and the European Union focuses on youth affairs and innovative initiatives for the realization of the social and economic integration of young people.

In his speech on this occasion, Bensaid indicated that the initiative reflects the common desire to create ” bridges between our institutions and to strengthen the exchange and sharing of experiences in order to set up creative projects that respond to the challenges young people face“.

In this sense, the Minister highlighted the commitment of Morocco and the European Union to maintaining fruitful relations based on mutual respect, cooperation and the common will to build a better future, considering that institutional twinning is the result of close cooperation and mutual recognition of common interests in the field of youth.

The institutional twinning between the two parties represents an opportunity to strengthen professional relations between the two parties, he said, stressing that the activities included in the program will contribute to strengthening the exchange of knowledge and successful experiences in the domain.

For her part, Patricia Llombac Cussac noted the importance of the partnership between the two parties, noting that the European Union supports Morocco to achieve the economic and social integration of young people.

Young people are expected to play a leading role in social and economic life, expressing her hope that the twinning will succeed in providing the necessary support for Morocco to achieve the objectives set for this workshop, the EU ambassador further indicated.

Patricia Llombac Cussac also maintained that this institutional twinning represents an opportunity for mutual enrichment, reinforcement of experience and contribution to the achievement of a better future for young people, emphasizing the Union’s commitment to ensure that this program contributes to bringing about tangible change in the field of economic and social integration of young people.


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