Launch of Ifrane Forum 2023 under the slogan “Building African economic champions”

Launch of Ifrane Forum 2023 under the slogan “Building African economic champions”

Ifrane Forum, African Trade and Investment Summit is holding a new edition from December 6 to 8 in Ifrane under the theme: ” Building African Economic Champions ». An edition which intends to continue the reflection and the actions, already started, on the stakes and challenges of the economic and social transformation of Africa.

In a press release, the organizers stress that this edition will put in the spotlight companies that perform both regionally and internationally, and leaders who have succeeded in building regional economic giants, operating in vital economic sectors such as industry, agriculture, construction, health, trade, infrastructure and technology.

Ifrane Forum 2023 will indeed be an opportunity to highlight African entrepreneurs who are on the right track to change the economic destiny of the continent and inspire African youth for a sustainable development of Africa.”, declared in this regard, Khadija Idrissi Janati, President of the forum, quoted in the press release.

She continues: “ It is high time for Africa to make a paradigm shift in its development strategy by focusing on more active participation of the private sector. Better support and greater recognition of the continent’s men and women entrepreneurs is more than expected, to guarantee a more prosperous and fairer Africa for future generations.”.

During the three days of the forum, the challenges of the economic and social transformation of Africa will thus be addressed on the basis of the experiences of these entrepreneurs. The speakers will try to answer several questions including: What are the challenges and the challenges of the African private sector? Can African business be in a position to take up a double challenge, that of wealth creation and that of job creation? How can the African private sector seize the natural and demographic opportunities that the Continent holds?

The exchanges will also make it possible to understand the responsibility of the continent and the mechanisms to be implemented in order to promote the development of continental champions; large African companies that actively participate in the development of their country of origin and of the continent, underline the organizers.

More than 200 participants from 25 African countries and from the Diaspora are expected at this 2023 edition, not counting some forty speakers and fifteen guest startups.


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