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Launch of “HUAWEI Sound Joy” for music lovers

HUAWEI is launching a new range of products marketed in Morocco with a device perfect for music lovers with exceptional sound quality thanks to its collaboration with Devialet. With Devialet sound and its high battery life of 26 hours, the HUAWEI Sound Joy is the best at this end of the year!

A portable speaker is an extremely practical tool: it allows you to take music wherever you go. Thanks to intelligent engineering, today’s portable speakers offer simply stunning sound quality and power output. Today, there is no shortage of portable speakers on the market. On the contrary, you will be disconcerted by the diversity of the models offered.

Recently, HUAWEI announced the release of the HUAWEI Sound Joy, the first portable smart speaker from Huawei and designed in collaboration with Devialet. The HUAWEI Sound Joy is a lightweight ultra-portable speaker. It delivers exceptional audio quality thanks to the presence of 4 Devialet Punchy Sound units and an ultra-high battery life of 26 hours. By adding intelligent functions to its very rocky endowment, the HUAWEI Sound Joy offers an extremely practical user experience thanks in particular to its Shake Stereo Link Up, Automatic Discovery and One-Touch Transfer systems.

The collaboration between Huawei and Devialet is unique in the world of smart speaker technology. Devialet is a French audio company known for its high-end high-fidelity speakers. Their speakers are known for their remarkable design, powerful bass and exceptional audio quality, highly sought after by enthusiasts.

Sound signed Devialet

The speaker features 4-unit Punchy Sound Devialet. The speaker can achieve a high output power of 20W by taking advantage of the presence of neodymium-iron-boron magnets and a lightweight carbon fiber composite diaphragm. The HUAWEI Sound Joy uses a two-band acoustic system that delivers powerful mid-bass and strong, transparent highs. Despite its compactness, it is capable of reaching a sound level of 79 dBA over a radius of 2 meters.

Devialet SAM® technology minimizes speaker vibration to eliminate distortion for better bass performance. This patented technology thus allows an authentic audio reproduction reinforced by the presence of two passive radiators inside the speaker and which are based on the Push-Push acoustic design. These radiators are configured back to back on either side of the speaker to eliminate vibration, improve stability and enhance clarity of sound.

26 hour battery life

A large 8800mAh battery powers the Sound Joy HUAWEI. HUAWEI dynamic voltage regulation algorithm makes the speaker energy efficient, further improving battery life. Thus, the speaker is able to play music continuously and non-stop for 26 hours! The battery recharges quickly thanks to Huawei’s 40W Supercharge system. It only takes 3 hours to fully charge it from an empty battery, and a 10-minute recharge is enough for an hour of playback.

Shake stereo link and other cool functions

Connecting two Sound Joy HUAWEI speakers is easy thanks to the Shake Stereo Link Up feature that provides users with an even wider and better audio experience. To pair them, just shake them. As soon as pairing mode is active, the indicator lights up with a swirl effect. Once paired, the speaker will emit a voice to confirm the connection and turn off the indication. This function will come in handy if you are outdoors and want to get even more powerful sound.

HUAWEI Sound Joy also supports one-touch transfer. It thus becomes possible to connect your smartphone to the speaker and to broadcast the sound by placing the smartphone against the speaker. A nearby phone, tablet, or laptop can automatically detect the HUAWEI Sound Joy, and a login window will appear. With a single click on the window, the device can easily connect to the speaker.

IP67 rated for its resistance to water and dust

The HUAWEI Sound Joy is easy to carry. It uses a sleek fabric design that offers resistance to dust and water (conforming to IP67 standard), in addition to offering a non-slip surface, which makes it sturdy and durable in all cases. You can take it with you to the pool and the beach or use it with wet hands, no worry.

Dazzling light effects

The speaker is available in two colors and has a beautiful light ring on its upper part. This lighting is most impressive when playing media because it accompanies the music. However, this function is disabled by default. You need to press and hold the play button for 3 seconds to turn it on. The light ring also displays the battery level. When checking the battery level, the ring will turn on fully and gradually turn off. The light ring glows white when you connect two speakers together using Shake Stereo Link Up.

As a portable smart speaker, the HUAWEI Sound Joy has it all. The compact bottle-sized enclosure is easy to transport. You can attach it to your backpack or hang it on your wrist using a lanyard. It can even fit into a classic cup holder. Thanks to its non-slip texture, you won’t risk dropping it during your adventures. The sound quality is best in class, while the battery life of 26 hours is more than enough. The Shake Stereo Link Up, One-Touch Music transfer and Automatic Discover functions make the speaker pleasant to use and connect to smartphones and other devices. In summary, the HUAWEI Sound Joy is the ideal 2021 portable smart speaker for a long adventure across all of Morocco.




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