Launch of “ASF’ART”, the first artistic and cultural mobility fund

Launch of “ASF’ART”, the first artistic and cultural mobility fund

The “ASF’ART” Fund for the promotion of artistic and cultural mobility of young artists and students in Morocco has just been created, within the framework of a partnership between the Hiba Foundation and the French Institute of Morocco. The first of its kind in the Kingdom, “ASF’ART” is initiated by the Roberto Cimetta Fund with the aim of promoting the mobility of young artists and students in the art sectors, offering them opportunities to participate in artistic events. and the discovery of cultural places and thus open up new perspectives for them, says a press release from the Hiba Foundation.

This innovative structure will facilitate the national artistic mobility of arts and culture professionals and students, promote the mobility of artists and the dissemination of their works at the national level and increase access to culture and the arts in the national scale, explains the same source. “ASF’ART” also aims to broaden the public and participate in the development of the artistic market in Morocco, contribute to the development of the professional careers of artists and students and facilitate exchanges and networking of artists and students with cultural structures, we add.

Young artists aged 18 to 30, from all disciplines, as well as students in the field of culture and the arts will thus have access to a platform to participate in festivals, residencies, exhibitions, artistic markets, visits to museums and many other cultural events, underlines the press release. And to add that the fund thus offers a unique chance for these emerging talents to acquire new skills, to explore new horizons and to meet fascinating artists and cultural players.

The request is made by submitting an application form on the website and various social networks of the Hiba Foundation and the French Institute. The “scholarship holders” will be selected by a committee bringing together the project partners, while the Hiba Foundation is responsible for managing the operational component.

Created in 2006, the Hiba Foundation is a non-profit association that works to support creation, federate private initiatives, encourage talent, participate in the development of emerging arts and favor contemporary creations.

The Roberto Cimetta Fund is an international, non-profit association, created in 1999 to respond quickly and directly to artists and cultural operators wishing to travel through the Euro-Mediterranean region and particularly in the Arab world, with the aim of developing cultural projects. artistic and cultural exchanges, individual or collective, in the field of the arts today.


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