Launch in Rabat of the “music settles in the hospital” project

The “music settles in the hospital” project was launched on Sunday at the Ibn Sina University Hospital Center in Rabat (CHIS), with the aim of contributing to alleviating the suffering of patients and their families thanks to the art and music.

Thus, a room dedicated to musical awakening has been set up at CHIS at the initiative of the Dr Abderrahmane Fennich Foundation with the support of the Ministry of Youth, Culture and Communication, in order to stimulate feelings of joy. and optimism in patients.

On this occasion, the Minister of Youth, Culture and Communication Mohamed Mehdi Bensaid, underlined the importance of music, theater and art for sick people, calling for the generalization of this initiative in all the provinces of the Kingdom.

During this ceremony organized by the ministry in partnership with the CHIS, and marked by the presence of HM the King’s advisor, André Azoulay, the government official noted that hospitals are often associated with fear of treatment and pain, affirming that this initiative aims to change this vision.

“Moroccan childhood, hope for the future, deserves a lot of attention,” said Mohamed Mehdi Bensaid, adding that his department encourages such initiatives and is ready to support them in all the provinces of the Kingdom.

The president of the Abderrahmane Fennich foundation, Naila Fennich, recalled that the ambition to integrate art and music within the confines of hospitals does not date from today. It is an idea of ​​Doctor Abderrahmane Fennich, artist and doctor, whose project unfortunately did not come to fruition during the sixties of the last century, she explained.

“We aspire to generalize this initiative in several hospitals across the Kingdom, given the importance of music therapy for patients,” she said. For her part, the administrative director of the children’s hospital ( CHIS), Mohamed Lamrani, highlighted the undeniable therapeutic effects of music, in particular to alleviate the suffering of patients and their families. It is an initiative which will contribute, according to him, to improving the various services provided to the users, in particular in terms of reception and support.

This ceremony, in which figures from the world of art and sport participated, was also an opportunity to listen to the song “Naghma Wa Bassma”, performed by a host of Moroccan singers including Latifa Raafat and Bachir Abdou.



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