Large-scale operation to protect rural populations from cold wave

Large-scale operation to protect rural populations from cold wave

A large-scale operation was launched on Sunday to protect the populations of the municipality of Imi n’Dounit (Chichaoua province) from the cold wave that has been affecting this mountainous area, which was one of the most affected by the earthquake on September 8th.

Led by the Mohammed V Foundation for Solidarity in close collaboration with provincial and local authorities and the Royal Armed Forces, this operation is part of a series of initiatives targeting different municipalities in the Chichaoua province. Its objectives are to better assist the targeted populations and help them overcome the difficulties associated with the adverse weather conditions in the region.

This humanitarian and solidarity action is carried out in accordance with the high instructions of King Mohammed VI, aiming to provide support to the populations affected by the earthquake.

It also reflects the approach advocated by the King and consistently implemented by the competent authorities to promote a true citizen-centric policy based on efficiency, speed, and listening to their needs and expectations, especially in these exceptional circumstances.

In the villages of Tourar and Igr n’Tii, this operation included, among other things, the distribution, installation, and fixing of waterproof and weather-resistant tents, as well as providing other necessary items and distributing essential food kits to the beneficiaries, with the goal of alleviating their suffering and helping them better cope with the cold.

As part of the ongoing support for people affected by the earthquake, the Mohammed V Foundation for Solidarity has mobilized all logistical and human resources to organize medical consultations and distribute medications to patients in this area.

During this campaign, several individuals also benefited from psychological support sessions provided by the staff of the Mohammed V Foundation for Solidarity. This operation also extended its benefits to children through entertainment sessions and the distribution of treats.

In a statement to the press, the Head of the Projects Development Department at the Mohammed V Foundation for Solidarity, Sabir Abderrahmane, noted that all participants are working tirelessly, following the High Instructions of King Mohammed VI, to ensure the necessary aid and assistance to the affected populations.

“We are today in the village of Tourar, part of the Imi n’Dounit municipality, where all participants are hard at work to assist the population, particularly through the distribution of food supplies and waterproof tents in anticipation of the rains, as well as medical assistance and psychological support,” he explained.

In similar statements, beneficiaries of this initiative expressed their deep satisfaction with the ongoing efforts made by all competent authorities to come to their aid since the early moments following this natural disaster. They also expressed their profound gratitude to King Mohammed VI for the special interest he continues to show in their socio-economic conditions.


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