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Laptops on the waiting list

Teleworking and distance education have substantially boosted sales of computer equipment in 2020. This increase continues, of course, although delivery times remain too long, especially for certain brands of laptops.

“The demand for this type of laptop is there, but production is not keeping up. And it is a problem encountered at the global level ”, confides to Hespress Fr an employee in a subsidiary in Casablanca of a large global computer manufacturer.

And to explain: “When placing an order, the reservation is done quickly but to ship certain brands to our customers, we must wait a minimum of two to three months”, adding that unfortunately the waiting time is lengthening more and more, pushing us to take the initiative to contact each customer individually to keep them informed of the situation. Even sometimes, these account managers are obliged to offer them a commercial gesture to avoid losing them.

So are these delays in delivery due to labor, raw material or logistics issues? Have computer manufacturers, after having managed a spectacular sales boom last year following the pandemic, slowed down their production to keep up with a certain pace or are they simply in shortage of one of the components?

If at this stage, no manufacturer or constructor has wished to answer these questions, it can nevertheless be said that the time that elapses between the receipt of the order by a customer and the actual delivery constitutes a variable of appreciation. the quality of service! To the best of my mind …



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