Kuwait hails Morocco’s commitment and efforts in favor of Libya

Kuwait hails Morocco’s commitment and efforts in favor of Libya

Kuwait hailed, on Thursday, the efforts made by Morocco to help the Libyan parties find solutions to end the crisis. The Kingdom of Morocco hosted in Bouznika, the meeting of the “6+6” Mixed Commission commissioned by the Libyan House of Representatives and the High Council of State, which resulted in important compromises between the Libyan parties.

In a statement, the Kuwaiti Ministry of Foreign Affairs welcomed the compromises reached by the “6+6” joint commission, charged by the Libyan House of Representatives and Council of State with preparing electoral laws relating to the organization of presidential and parliamentary elections scheduled for the end of the year.

The “6+6” joint commission announced, on the night of Tuesday to Wednesday, that its members reached, after two weeks of meetings in Morocco, a compromise on the laws of the next presidential and parliamentary elections in Libya. .

The ministry expressed its wish to see the application of these compromises in the coming days, with the official approval by the Libyan parties of the electoral laws in a way that meets the expectations and aspirations of the Libyan people.

The new Bouznika meeting is a new step in the process of political facilitation hosted by the Kingdom which brings together the different Libyan parties so that they discuss and consult each other to find the tools for settling the crisis themselves.

These meetings gave rise to important agreements favorable to the settlement process, led by the Skhirat agreement (2015), the agreement between the speaker of the House of Representatives, Akila Saleh, and the president of the High Council of Libyan State, Khalid El Machri in October 2022 on the implementation of the results of the Bouznika process regarding the positions of sovereignty and the unification of the executive power.


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