“King Mohammed VI, Sovereign Builder”, new work by former diplomat Driss Chabi

“King Mohammed VI, Sovereign Builder” is the title of the latest book by former diplomat Driss Chabi, recently published by “Éditions Bouregreg”.

The 254-page book, prefaced by the French geopolitologist Aymeric Chauprade, is an essay on the place of the Kingdom of Morocco in a changing world.

The book is an essential analysis of the sovereignist policy of King Mohammed VI, which highlights “all the coherence and consistency of this policy”.

It is also about a “beautiful dive into the multipolar vision” of the Sovereign, in particular His great African policy but also the intelligence which the King “had to understand very early that the balances of power shifted from the Western world towards Asia and in particular to China and the Silk Roads ”, we read in the book’s preface.

The book presents a radioscopy of the sovereignist vision of the King, through two sections entitled “HM the King is Sovereignist” and “King Mohammed VI, Sovereign builder”.

The first part highlights the autonomy initiative in the Sahara, the diplomatic successes of the Kingdom, the sovereignty of Morocco over the southern provinces, the increased presence of Morocco internationally and the pragmatism of King Mohammed VI, among others. topics.

The second part of the book returns to the development of the southern provinces, South-South cooperation, the role of the Sovereign as “leader of humanitarian action”, multilateralism as a principle of action. of Morocco and the King’s leadership in the field of peace and security maintenance.

According to the author of this book, Morocco has become, under the leadership of King Mohammed VI, a geopolitical actor in matters of climate, migration and South-South cooperation.

Holder of a State Doctorate in Law from the Faculty of Law, Political Sciences and Management of Strasbourg, Chabi is also a graduate of the Higher Cycle of the National School of Administration (ENA). The former diplomat held several diplomatic posts in Europe. His research work focuses on the challenges of Morocco internationally, in particular Morocco-EU relations, the issue of migration and Maghreb relations.



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