Khadija El Gharbaoui presents her new book

Coach and Trainer, self-taught painter, Khadija El Gharbaoui now puts her experience in writing, through her new book “Coaching to live” for successful personal development.

Passionate about the helping relationship since her childhood, Khadija El Gharbaoui coach and trainer, shares today through these stories her reflections, the central element of which is the enhancement of the human being; Playing on sound, rhythms, colors and images.

The coach and painter expresses sensations, emotions and even ideas that are the emanation of her own life from her real experience while combining poetic prose with personal development by using her faculties as a great creative artist with a commitment to the quest. perpetual
positive change.

“I discovered that a moment of my life I was living in a cage And I didn’t even dare to take a walk around, Fortunately I received a glow then and a beautiful lighting
And I took my first step outside to discover the magic of the landscape And every time I walk I
discover that I am going through mirages
And suddenly I reveal the reality of my blockages, so analyze this sharing, Leave your cage, Enjoy your life
Enjoy your passage. Go on to other learning ”, she writes on her book.

Basic scientific training; passionate about relationships, Khadija El Gharbaoui has reoriented her potential in the service of being. Holder of a Master in Human Resources and Personal and Professional Master Coach with more than 30 years of field experience forged in different regions of Morocco; or she went to meet daily life, the different stereotypes of populations that have hardened her track record in terms of support.

In addition to her training in coaching Khadija is an “art promoter” who combines coaching with art in an artistic style. What makes the strength of this collection is that it takes the reader on an interior journey of self-discovery through rhymed sentences.


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