Kabyle rebellion, Tuareg separatists… Algeria is balkanizing

Kabyle rebellion, Tuareg separatists… Algeria is balkanizing

Algeria is on the way to balkanization. After the pacifist rebellion of Kabylie, the regime of the senile of Algiers sees itself assailed in the south in the numerous Tuareg territories bordering Mali by the Movement for the liberation of Tamanrasset and Adrar.

Indeed, the ANP and its guardianship the MDN has just announced the arrest for this first fortnight of this month of June in Tamanrasset, Bordj Badji Mokhtar and In Guezzam, of 182 people whom the military have described as criminals and brigands armed. However, in reality they would be neither more nor less than Tuareg separatists.

Indeed, clashes between the Tuareg separatists of the Movement for the Liberation of Tamanrasset and Adrar and the Algerian army have been taking place since the beginning of the month and more than twenty soldiers have reportedly been killed.

The regime of the senile soldiers of Algiers, which sees the enemy hand almost everywhere, has, one suspects, imputed it to the Kingdom in the image of the Jebel Toubkal that Morocco allegedly stole from it. The media report that during the arrest of the “criminals” an attempt to introduce two quintals of treated kif from the borders with the Kingdom was aborted and that the goods were seized.

Since the end of May, the situation has worsened more and more in this region of the extreme south-west of Algeria. In effect, murderous guerrilla operations led by Tuareg separatists take place there regularly to harass the ANP. The latter armed elements belonging to the Movement for the Liberation of Tamanrasset and Adrar (MLTA), also known as the Movement for the Liberation of Southern Algeria, are firing on all cylinders against the ANP in the far south of the country, not hesitating to harass it in its bases. So much so that an air of grumbling hovers over the khaki sand of the Algerian desert.

The ANP may well announce the arrests of presumed terrorists in Tamanrasset like Rikan Ahmed, aka Abu Khadijain Algiers we turn a deaf ear as regards the reinforcements to be brought to the 6th military region assaulted. The commanders of the military regions bordering Mali and Niger may reproach the senile General Chengriha for his obsession with the Kingdom, nothing helps even the restricted high security council which was held under the presidency of the oldest puppet of the Muppets show made in Algeria.

Indeed it is the all-out mobilization near the borders with Morocco of Algerian troops which has weakened the ANP compared to the separatists in several territories controlled by Algeria. He is so obsessed with it that he forgets some the secessionist danger that awaits the wilayas of southern Algeria such as Adrar and Hogar. In recent weeks, there have been deadly clashes between Tuareg separatists and the ANP in the Tamanrasset region.


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