Justice Minister calls for end of marriage certificates required by hotels in Morocco

Justice Minister calls for end of marriage certificates required by hotels in Morocco

Justice Minister, Abdellatif Ouahi, has called for legal action against hotels that demand marriage certificates from their guests. 

Ouahbi’s statement came during a recent meeting where he discussed the assessment of Morocco’s national reports submitted to the United Nations human rights mechanisms. 

Ouahbi expressed his belief that requiring guests to provide marriage certificates before checking into hotels should be considered a criminal offense. 

The minister argued that such a requirement is unfair and unjust, stating that it is unreasonable to prevent two consenting adults from staying in a hotel simply because they do not possess a marriage certificate.

According to Ouahbi, this practice assumes guilt before any wrongdoing has occurred. 

The Justice Minister’s position raises questions about the existing practice in Morocco, where hotels ask for a marriage certificate when a couple request a room together. This requirement has been a common practice without specific legal grounds.

“I cannot ask a citizen who has a national ID card and is at the same level of responsibility why she wants to enter a hotel in the same city. This is a crime that should be punishable by law, a man can enter a hotel and rent a room in the city where he lives; women should be treated equally,” the Minister said. 

Ouhabi’s proposal implies that changes to criminal law may be necessary to address this issue. He suggested that the law should include provisions to punish those who request documents not explicitly required by existing laws. 

The debate around this topic is ongoing, with differing opinions on whether such a requirement infringes on individual freedoms or is a matter of moral and societal values. 

Abdellatif Ouahbi remains determined to advance his vision for legal reforms emphasising the importance of progressing towards a more modern and equitable society. 

“We have a historic opportunity because we have a king who understands these mattars, and we have a government moving in this direction, and we must move forward,” Ouahbi said.


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