Journalist and art critic Jamal Boushaba dies

Journalist and art critic Jamal Boushaba died Tuesday after a long illness, his entourage said.

After studying applied arts, Jamal Boushaba began his career as a journalist in 1990, by launching the first free Moroccan monthly “Les Alignés”, before becoming artistic director of the women’s magazine Parade.

He will then occupy the position of responsible for the culture pages of various French-language weeklies, before moving on to the web, where he will collaborate with a number of news sites.

A key player in the cultural scene, the late one has to his credit numerous radio broadcasts and cultural meetings. He is also the author of several books, the most recent being his first collection of poetry, “Champs de nuit”, published by Le Fennec.

In 2020, he created his own digital platform, Artetc, dedicated to modern and contemporary art.


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