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José María Aznar concerned about military contracts between Morocco and the United States

The former head of the Spanish Executive, José María Aznar, returns to plant his claws in the flesh of the news. For those who see Morocco and African countries with contempt and arrogance, Spain would have lost its influence on the international scene. His argument: The last military agreement between Morocco and the United States.

The former Spanish Prime Minister, José María Aznar, seems to be concerned about Morocco’s latest military acquisitions, more than those of his country, which is constantly renewing its weapons, without it bothering him.

On Friday, Aznae said the military agreement between the United States and Morocco shows that Spain ” has less influence ” in the American country and therefore loses “ opportunities“.

In other words, we lost our abilities and many of our opportunities because we ransacked our home“, Aznar announced during a discussion with the Ibero-American Secretary General, Andrés Allamand.

To support his “messy house” theory, Aznar chose to cite the US-Morocco military agreement under which Washington approved the sale of 18 HIMARS launcher systems and 112 surface-to-surface missiles. more powerful than those supplied in kyiv“, as reported by the newspaper El Mundo.

Since we messed up our house, you have less influence with the United States and anyone in doubt should read the news in today’s press regarding military agreements between Morocco and the United States. Spain has less influence in the European Union and less influence in Latin America“, deplores the former head of the Spanish government.

Does Spain have anything to worry about?

It is true that relations between Spain and the United States have known some discord in recent years, especially since the Iberian country has previously tried, desperately, to interfere in the American sovereign decision as to its recognition of the sovereignty of Morocco on the Sahara. An interference completely ignored by the American president, Joe Biden, who favors the strong ties that unite Washington to Rabat.

But since the adoption of the new bilateral roadmap between Morocco and Spain, putting an end to several months of diplomatic crisis, and in which Madrid gives its support to the proposal for Moroccan autonomy in the Sahara, its relations with the United States have automatically improved.

As a reminder, Morocco has been a major ally of the United States for a long time, it is also a major non-NATO ally, which continues to be (and even more so today) an important force for stability. , economic progress, and an actor of peace in Africa.

It should be remembered in particular that acquisitions such as the High Mobility Artillery Rocket System (HIMARS) launchers, the Joint stand off weopons (JSOW) or the Army Tactical Missile System (ATACMS) missiles are weapons designed specifically for defence, n have only one goal: to improve interoperability as well as the Moroccan military arsenal.

In addition, these acquisitions reflect Morocco’s vision to use its military capabilities for defense and deterrence to maintain stability and military balance in the region, which is why the US Department approves the sales.

For some experts, the Moroccan authorities perceive the need to increase their defense and security capabilities in light of the sensitive regional environment and the desire to plan for various types of scenarios, including the worst-case scenarios involving a breakdown in relations with neighboring states.



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