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Jordanian mediation case: Tebboune denies everything

In the affair of the Jordanian mediation between Algeria and Morocco, lies are king in Algiers. Between the Algerian diplomatic sources who advance information and the president who denies them, the story takes on an unprecedented scale, especially since the King of Jordan Abdallah II is involved.

Who to believe in the case of a supposed mediation of King Abdallah II between Morocco and Algeria following his official trip to Algeria on December 3 and 4? One thing is certain, Algeria is at the same time the puppeteer who pulls the strings and the puppet who suffers. Lightings.

The story begins with an article published on the Spanish media Vanguardia, which reveals Jordanian mediation between Algiers and Rabat over the gas pipeline. “The political crisis between Spain and Algeria is now on the verge of being resolved thanks to the mediation of King Abdullah II of Jordan. The monarch has reached an agreement in principle in Algiers to reopen the Maghreb-Europe (GME) gas pipeline as soon as possible.says the publication.

The media adds that the King of Jordan went to Cairo before Algiers “where he had obtained the support of Abdelfattah Al Sissi to carry out the mediation between Algeria and Morocco”while advancing an Algerian-Moroccan meeting in Switzerland, citing in this a “Algerian diplomatic source who prefers to remain anonymous because she is not authorized to speak to the press”.

We support King Abdullah’s mediation to reopen the GME. I think it can happen very soon, and it will be a step to normalize the trade relationship with Spain”the Algerian source told the Spanish media.

This Algerian source was subsequently contradicted by a murderous article from the official Algerian media Echourouk, in which King Abdallah II is attacked and his power minimized, justifying this in particular by diametrically different positions between Algeria and Jordan on the issue. of the Sahara.

The Algerian media adds that before the King of Jordan, no influential Arab leader succeeded in making Algeria reason on the question of reconciliation with Morocco, while mentioning, among other things, French, Mauritanian or still Saudis.

The Algerian newspaper goes on to accuse Morocco of having maneuvered for this article to be published by the Spanish media. Echourouk not only attacked King Abdallah II but accused Vangardia of publishing rumors and being controlled by Morocco, calling into question its professionalism and ethics.

However, the information published by the Spanish media comes from Algeria since it is an Algerian diplomatic source that is quoted there.

While the main information emanates from Algerian diplomacy, a dramatic turn of events on Thursday evening, Algerian President Abdelmadjid Tebboune gives a television interview to local media to deny any Jordanian mediation.

He (King Abdallah II, editor’s note) didn’t speak to me about any country. He neither came for mediation nor spoke of mediation, neither he nor any other,” said Abdelmadjid Tebboune.

This time, it is the Algerian president who denies any mediation effort, not only from Jordan, but he goes further by saying that there have never been any attempts from other countries, so that the international press has announced various initiatives, notably Arab ones, and the systematic rejection of these.

It seems obvious that the Algerian regime has shot itself in the foot by inventing a story and denying it only to show off and get people talking about it. President Tebboune’s public lies, which he communicates with ease, above all formalize Algeria’s unreliability and contradictions, and expose it to a boomerang effect if one of the parties involved in the mediations affirms that they have well took place.



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