Joint action between the Ministry of the Family and the security services

Joint action between the Ministry of the Family and the security services

The Minister of Solidarity, Social Integration and Family, Aawatif Hayar, indicated that her ministry is working in collaboration with the national security services to combine efforts in the fight against electronic begging. The fight against this phenomenon must be collective, involving citizens who must ignore the demands of digital begging, while encouraging civil society to engage in this process, she said.

During the oral question session on Monday in the House of Representatives, the Minister noted that the government, within the framework of the second formula of the integrated public policy for the protection of children, is working on the development of a integrated strategy aimed at preventing begging with children, whether they come from their family or not.

Regarding the exceeding of the reception capacity authorized in social protection institutions, the government official pointed out that more than 2,000 social protection institutions in Morocco accommodate more than 110,000 people. The services concerned receive many requests to extend the reception capacity of its centers, and deal with those that are acceptable, she further underlined, noting that support is provided until the problem is resolved.

In this sense, Hayar revealed that 10% of social institutions in Morocco suffer from problems of reception capacity, and that so far, 200 social protection centers have been rehabilitated.

In the same context, the minister affirmed that the problem of the reception capacity of schools shows that the government is working to fight against school dropouts, however, the lack of management budget specific to the ministry is hampering its efforts to solve the problem of overcrowding in these establishments.

Regarding the government’s commitment to lift 1 million Moroccan families out of poverty and vulnerability, the Minister of Solidarity, Social Integration and Family said that her department aims to support 7 million families this year. Moroccans, noting that the ministry has put in place programs such as the family bridge and the program enterprising familywhich aim to encourage families to undertake.

Many crises widen the circle of poverty in the kingdom, just like in most countries of the world, she estimated, noting however that Morocco seeks to fight against this phenomenon through the project of the unified social register. (RSU) and by encouraging an entrepreneurial culture within families.

In response to MPs’ questions on the inclusion of residents of charitable institutions in the social welfare yard, Hayar said that the law on social welfare provides a regulatory provision regarding this category. Pending its concrete implementation, the Minister of Health, Khalid Ait Taleb, has put in place a procedure to deal with situations of this category in different regions of the kingdom, she said.

Hayar also pointed out that the ministry is opening all its centers in order to facilitate the registration of residents of social institutions in the RSU, which will also facilitate the registration of widows in these centers.

Regarding the government’s strategy to fight against poverty, the official said that the ministry is working to strengthen the capacity building approach, which targets more than 580,000 beneficiaries through training programs. Additionally, the program Takmim will benefit 36,000 women in the fight against poverty within Moroccan families.

She also pointed out that rural areas require a special effort in the fight against poverty, specifying that the RSU project, which will be implemented this year, aims to specifically target rural families in order to provide them with support to fight against poverty. poverty and vulnerability.


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